About us

My name, my passion, my journey.

My name - MOKhia is a constant reminder of God's manifested inspiration in the form of my family. My family inspires me daily to be better and do better.

My passion - my passion is to encourage others. I love to help others to grow through challenges and over obstacles that are inevitable in this life. I have the pleasure of working with adolescents which is the ultimate transformation from childhood into adulthood.

My journey - I honestly don't know where this is headed. I know I started because of an injury. I accepted a challenge to encourage myself during what otherwise was a dark time in my life. In encouraging myself, others were encouraged...and it's true encouragement begets encouragement. My MOKhia encouraged me to keep going.

I would love for your support in my journey. But more importantly I pray you are encouraged to move through your own transformation from challenged to champion.

I use mostly knit fabrics (rayon, polyester, spandex) when making these scarves. I have a few wool blended scarves. I hand make all scarves. I have the support of my family who have assisted with cutting fabric, taking pictures, and helping me shop for new fabric.